Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pork Indaad

Dear Readers,
Pork Indad is one of those classic Indian dishes, that truly is a combination of communities that have made India the cultural melting pot that it is. Originally derived from vindalho, pork indad is similar dish, but one that is made by the Mangalorean Catholic community. I decided to prepare this delicious Mangalorean dish that I have learnt from my mom and dad with a slight twist.

So let's start with recipe.


1 kilogram                   Pork
½ teaspoon                Turmeric Powder
15 pieces                     Red chilis
½ tsp                           Pepper corns 
10 pieces                     Cloves
3 teaspoon                  Raisins
2 teaspoon                   Cumin seeds
2 teaspoon                    Mustard seeds 
4 one inch piece           Cinnamon 
1 pod                           Garlic
2 teaspoon                  Raw rice
3 teaspoon chopped    Mint leaves
1 size of a marble        Tamarind 
3 teaspoon                   Vinegar
1                                   Onion


  • Cut meat into slices, apply salt, turmeric powder and marinate for a couple of hours.
  • In a frying pan, melt the pork fat or oil and lightly fry the marinated pork slices until they turn golden brown. Make sure not to over fry them, else they become hard.
  • Fry all spices together and grind to a fine paste. Add little vinegar.
  • Slice the onions fine and fry them in oil or pork fat on moderate heat to a golden brown color. Add fried pork, ground spices and cook till done.
  • Add salt and sugar or jaggery if required.
Best served Hot with Sanna or Idli

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